The Team at Beyond the Boardroom

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Beyond the Boardroom team love team building events.  We are a passionate about helping businesses to engage their people and improve workplaces.

With a great range of Experience Leaders specialising in outdoor events, creative activities, professional development workshops and inspiring keynote speakers, Beyond the Boardroom has a great presenter for your next team building event.

Working at Beyond the Boardroom is a passion.  The team are engaging, inspiring and fun to be around and this is reflected in our team building programs.

Luke Talbot-Male photo
Luke Talbot-Male

Managing Director

Luke has been working in the Adventure Tourism industry for close to 20 years. With a background in running camel expeditions across the deserts of Australia, Luke has seen first hand how important it is to have a Super team to achieve a goal.

As the leader of Beyond the Boardroom, Luke utilises the same principles that are used throughout Beyond the Boardroom activities.

Gary Haworth photo
Gary Haworth

GM - Operations

Gary has been with the Beyond the Boardroom team since 2014 and is part of the Management Team.  Gary is the General Manager, Operations.

Apart from being a passionate surfer, Gary has a background in Business and Frontline Management with specific skills in process Management and is responsible for the overall operations of Beyond the Boardroom.

Justin Monaghan photo
Justin Monaghan

Experience Leader

Justin has been a dynamic facilitator for Beyond the Boardroom for close to a decade running events from small groups to 200+ people all over Australia.

As a passionate artist Justin also leads many of the creative "art" events such as Picasso Challenge and The Big Picture.

Brett Mugford photo
Brett Mugford

Experience Leader

Brett commenced working with the Beyond the Boardroom team since 2005 and has been an integral part of the team ever since!  Brett is well travelled working as a tour leader and guide all over the world.

Brett has a Bachelor in Recreation and Management and is an experienced facilitator and MC and is fantastic and getting teams to open up and have fun.

Brayden Arbon photo
Brayden Arbon

Business Development

Brayden has been working at Beyond the Boardroom since 2018.

Brayden is a sales professional and helps Beyond the Boardroom customers with enquiries and making sure they have the best event possible.

Rowan McMath photo
Rowan McMath

Experience Leader

Rowan joined Beyond the Boardroom in 2017 and runs many of our events out of Perth, WA.

Rowan has a Bachelor of Education and is a great experience leader with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  Apart from being a passionate facilitator, Rowan is also a passionate surfer too!

Rebekah Skrine photo
Rebekah Skrine

Experience Leader

Bek joined Beyond the Boardroom in 2017.

Bek leads many events in Sydney and in particular in the Blue Mountains.  She has been running events for many years and is passionate, fun and knowledgeable.

Will Hagan photo
Will Hagan

Experience Leader

Tom has been working with the Beyond the Boardroom team since 2016.

Based in Brisbane, Will is studying Organisational Pschyology and has been facilitating outdoor education programs for a decade.

Will is a great presenter, he is enthusiastic, motivating and a lot of fun and really gets the best out of program participants.

Mitch photo

Marketing Manager

Mitch has been with the Beyond the Boardroom team since 2018.  With a background in marketing in various industries Mitch leads our digital and marketing team.

Mitch is an integral part of the Management team and is passionate about marketing and the team building industry.

Jane Wundersitz photo
Jane Wundersitz

Workshop Facilitator

Jane is our key workshop facilitator.  Jane founded Wundertraining in 2011 and has been in the training and development industry for 20 years working for companies like the Body Shop.

Jane is a dynamic key note speaker and workshop presenter and is great at helping teams realise their full potential.  Jane is a great facilitator that will engage and inspire.

Kerrie-Ann Moon photo
Kerrie-Ann Moon

Operations Assistant

Kerrie Ann is an experienced outdoor education facilitator and operations assistant. Kerrie Ann started her traineeship with Beyond the Boardroom in 2018 and has since come up full time as an operations assistant.

Kerrie-Ann organises many events out of Adelaide and has a passion for sports and the outdoors.

Jo Zealand photo
Jo Zealand

Experience Leader

Jo has been working with Beyond the Boardroom since 2015.  Jo is a passionate and professional performer and facilitator running activities and programs for over 20 years.

Jo leads the Create you own Commercial activity plus others and is a vibrant and energetic presenter and facilitator.  She livens up every event with her great persona!

Chloe Somerfield photo
Chloe Somerfield

Experience Leader

Chloe has been with Beyond the Boardroom since 2019 and is a passionate and professional facilitator and operational co-ordinator.

Chloe is based in Sydney and facilitates many of the events and activities in NSW.

Jana Stretton photo
Jana Stretton

Experience Leader

Jana is a passionate musician and facilitator and joined the Beyond the Boardroom team in 2018.  Jana is an energetic facilitator and event host and delivers excellent events and experiences mainly out of Sydney.

Jana is also in a band that specialises in corporate and conference gigs, so let us know if you need a band for your next event!

Kayla McNicoll photo
Kayla McNicoll

Segway Guide

Kayla joined the Beyond the Boardroom team in 2020 and runs our Segway Tours from the Fairmont Resort in Leura, Blue Mountains. 

Kayla also assists at events and with other activities as required.

Rachiel photo


Rachiel has been with the Beyond the Boardroom team since 2018.  Rachiel is a qualified Accountant and an integral part of our team. 

Rachiel is a professional and passionate accounts person and loves to travel!