Amazing Race Team Building Activities

Based on the hit TV show “The Amazing Race”, this activity is an action-packed team adventure. The Amazing Race game is designed to encourage teamwork and help your team connect through a fun shared experience. We tailor the start & finish location to suit your team with an emphasis on fun activities rather than distance travelled!

The Amazing Race team building activity is a scavenger hunt style activity, where teams compete in time challenges and problem-solving tasks designed to encourage teamwork and communication. Each Amazing Race game is different from the last as we tailor the event to suit your chosen conference themes or objectives.

It’s not all about speed - there is a strategic twist!

To create a fair race that isn’t solely about speed and fitness, there are no points awarded to the first team across the finish line. Teams will have a set time to complete the event and earn points at the checkpoints along the way. Teams are deducted points for every minute they are late!

The Amazing Race team building activity is available in all Australian capital cities. Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Cairns, and Darwin all make great locations for your next Amazing Race team building event!

Aside from the main capital cities, Beyond the Boardroom can also organise the races in the regional areas. The Amazing Race is now available in the areas of Newcastle, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Canberra and more. 

Example Amazing Race Game Challenges

Pyramids – A relay where teams race to rebuild a pyramid. There is a twist! Only one person can move one piece of the pyramid per move, and you can only place smaller pieces on top of larger pieces not the other way around.

Catapults – Work together to calculate the perfect ratio, using a catapult to fire tennis balls for others in your team to catch. Pull back to hard and the ball will go to far, not enough and it won’t go anywhere at all! Its up to your team to figure out the best ratio.

Shape Shifter – Another relay memory-based game where each team is only allowed one person at a time to look at a photo of a tangram and then recite to the others how they are going to make the shape. 

Nailed it – For this Amazing Race game teams will have to work together and use problem solving and creative thinking to balance 12 nails on just one nail head!

Number Triangle – In the form of a classic sudoku there are 9 numbered tiles laid out in a triangular shape. Each team must put these numbers in an order where each side adds up to the same number.

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