Adelaide's Amazing Race is a Beyond the Boardroom specialty!

This team event in Adelaide incorporates 4 checkpoints in various parks around Adelaide, South Australia.  Each checkpoint includes a challenge of some type which encourages team work and creative thinking.

The race is designed to include the 5 dysfunctions of a team highlighting the teams knowlege of accountability, trust, commitment, team results and conflict.

Teams are normally in groups of 4-12 people and includes team bandannas, water bottles, team bags, snacks, ponchos and more.

Racing around Adelaide the teams pass through various checkpoints, and although the aim is to be the fastest team, there is a twist.  The more photos the team gets in front of Adelaide's monuments and icons and the more modes of transport the teams use, the more time deductions the team gets.  This means that the fastest team to the finish line may not actually win as a slower team may have been more creative and strategic and have more time deductions.

Adelaide's Amazing Race is suitable for groups of 12 to 250+ people, it is great fun and a wonderful way to reward your team, showcase Adelaide and get your team out of their comfort zone.

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Located at:



Half Day


Fun, active and outdoors

No. of participants:

from 12 to 250 people




Daily on demand


3 hours


Team bags, bandannas, drink bottles, challenges, modes transport and more


From $1200 for 12+ people