Hobart's Amazing Race, Team Building Hobart

Half day

Adventure, fun, morale boosting and city sights

12 - 200

Hobart CBD and surrounds

Daily on demand

3 hours

Team bags, water bottles, bandannas, challenges, modes transport and more

From $1400

Beyond the Boardroom run great Amazing Race programs in regional areas of Australia.

Loosely based on the hit TV show - The Amazing Race teams run through various checkpoints throughout the town or city and complete challenges and activities on the way.

The Hobart team building event, Hobart's Amazing Race starts in the CBD and explores the streets of Hobart including the mall, Wharf area, Market area and more.

Hobart is a beautiful city, the race takes in all the major highlights and includes food/beer challenges and more.

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How it works

Get ready to explore Hobart with its rich convice history and awesome culture.

This picturesque city offers a great backdrop for an Amazing Race, with a fantastic harbour and great boutique bars and more.

Complete challenges, use multiple modes of transport and have a great day out with your team in Hobart.