Melbourne Amazing Race - Team Building Melbourne

2.5 - 3 Hours

Fun, Teamwork & Outdoors

30 - 500+



Are you looking to challenge your Melbourne based team?

The Amazing Race around Melbourne tests a team's approach to lateral thinking and creativity. Highlighting trust and teamwork in one single fun event.

Melbourne's Amazing Race - the best Melbourne team building program!

It’s not all about speed - there is a strategic twist!

To create a fair race that isn’t solely about speed and fitness...there are no points awarded to the first team across the finish line. Teams will have a set time to complete the event and earn points at the checkpoints along the way. Teams are deducted points for every minute they are late!

How it works

What happens in an Amazing Race with Beyond the Boardroom?

The Amazing Race is 2.5 - 3 hours in duration and covers around 5km. We divide the group into small teams of around 6-7 people per team. The teams are briefed on the event and undertake a challenge to earn their first clue. Once underway teams walk on foot and pass-through major checkpoints aiming to arrive to the finish location with the most points – it is not technically a race! Teams can earn bonus points by collecting team photos and scavenger items along the way.

Teams receive clues at each checkpoint as they make their way through the race. They must complete the challenges which include team-based problem-solving and teamwork activities, before they receive their next Amazing Race clue. Finishing at a park for a final all in challenge OR a hotel, pub for a drink OR back at the Office / Conference Venue – we will tailor the program to suit your needs.


  • Maps, bandanas and clues
  • All equipment necessary to conduct all activities
  • Medallions for the winning team
  • All briefing material
  • Consultation and Program Design
  • Research and Set Up
  • Program Delivery
  • Challenge Facilitators
  • Sunscreen and first aid as a precaution
  • GST & Insurance

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