Canoe Tour - Beyond the Boardroom

July 22, 2013

kayak team building activity

Kayak with your team…Adventure Team Building Activity on the Coorong with Canoe the Coorong…

Team up with your colleagues and get to know them better in through the adventure activity on the Coorong. Beyond the Boardroom ensure your organization that we will be bringing your team to a safe environment and be immersed with the natural beauty and sceneries of the Coorong.

Your team will be divided into single and double kayaks. Unique activities for individuals and teams will be conducted for this team event. Being able to work together and getting all tasks done, may it be individual or group tasks, is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone.

Team building exercises can also be conducted on the beach near the ocean side of the Coorong. Rest assured that the Beyond the Boardroom team will be providing you with a day filled with fun and enjoyment.

Contact us today for any questions. We can tailor different team building approaches you want for your organization.


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