Fun Meetings - Beyond the Boardroom

March 3, 2013

koala spotted in a wildlife tour

We often have the discussion on the best way to have meetings.  Meetings are often boring, but they dont have to be.

I have done alot of research lately about meetings.  In our working life, we seem to have so many of them.  Here is a couple if ideas for your next meeting:

  • At a cafe
  • Taking a bike ride
  • Taking a walk
  • Standing up
  • Having a surf "Board" Meeting
  • On a bush walk
  • On a boat
  • At a sport game
  • On a bus ride
  • In the car

Often when you are out and about and active, you think more clearly.  You have the endorphins pumping around your body and you feel relaxed and more comfortable.  Meetings on the move like having some fun team building activities, are a great way to break the boring meeting cycle. So choose "Beyond the Boardroom" for your next meeting and get some great results. 

Be creative!

Luke and the Beyond the Boardroom team.

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