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March 3, 2014

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Team Building Australia

After a lot of planning and building some great partnerships throughout Australia, Beyond the Boardroom is proud to announce that we have expanded and aim to become the leading team building provider in Australia.

Beyond the Boardroom is a great business, we have a wonderful team and more importantly, we have great clients and it is their demand that has encouraged us to take this bold move.

In a busy market place, we must be clear as to how and why we are different and how we can make sure we offer our clients the best experience and ensure they receive great value when working with us.

Beyond the Boardroom has identified that if a program is not fun, is not challenging and does not have meaning, then it will not be a successful program.  To ensure we maintain this philosophy even when working with our partners interstate, we have developed a simple yet effective method to ensure this still occurs.

From this point forward we now include a leadership health check, which is included in every program and offers organizations an insight into how the managements are performing as well as how the organizations leadership is working.  Based on a leadership at all level concept, we have worked with a leading organizational development psychologist to develop a checklist that is provided to all of our clients.  In post activity, we provide a report with recommendations to help our clients to improve the leadership within their business.

Moving forward in 2014, we have also developed the 6 steps to a Super Team.  This is a series of 3-5 day team building programs that incorporate adventure experiences and activities, organizational development consultation and workshops that cater for speific issues and team dysfunctions that are prevalent in organizations.  Each program is tailored to meet the needs of the organization and we have locations all over Australia that these can be operated.

The Super Team Program is going to be launched in the coming months and will be the most exciting team building program available in Australia.  Organizations can choose to take just one of the super team steps, or complete the full 6-step program over a 6-12 month period.

So to all of our past clients and to all of our future clients, we thank you and look forward to helping you to build your team all over Australia in the future.

Here is to building super teams that deliver extraordinary results.

Kind regards,

Luke Talbot-Male


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