Creative Team Building Perth

October 29, 2015

What a fun day! Jo and Luke headed West to Perth to meet up with the Marketing and Brand team of WFI - an iconic Australian insurance company. 

The 5 team members opted to participate in a "Create your own commercial" session.

From 9AM we started with some fun warm ups with Jo Zealand our film guru - the team then came up with a concept, the script, roles including acting, directing, filming, and more. The team then came up with locations, shot list, props before spending the afternoon out on site shooting their commercial. When Jo interviewed one of the members, she told that this Perth team building ideas she never thought and it was a lot of fun.

Luke was dragged in to act, as he was the only male in the room and the 5 ladies from WFI all had starring roles.

The day went from 9am-5pm including a short debrief and the following days were spent with the Editor putting the short film together.

As you can see by the video - the end product is a 1 minute 30 second clip that is funny and entertaining.

It was a great fun day - the results are great and we think the WFI team did an excellent job on all fronts. They are a great team that really work well together. That Perth team building experience was amazing and full of unforgettabe memories. Good work Team Brand and Marketing!


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