Free Team Building Ideas

June 25, 2015

jumpshot for team building

Here are a few free team building ideas that will get you and your team started on the team building adventure.

What is a team? A team is a group of people with common goal to complete a certain task.  They work independently and cooperatively to win every situation.  

Team building activities can help make a team more cohesive and work toward improving employee morale and motivation. There are many different types of team activities that range from highly structured to wild and whacky. To make team building activities successful, integrate those activities with work goals and the organizational mission statement. This will help not only improve employee attitudes, but also work toward improving output and outcomes.

Knowledge Sharing

A simple and easy teambuilding activity for employees and managers to engage in involves knowledge sharing. The meeting should have a facilitator that encourages team members to each have an opportunity to share their knowledge with the group about their skills, talents, abilities and a certain level of expertise they have about work processes or activities. This knowledge may contribute to better work outcomes or corporate goals.

Egg Drop

This activity is fun, builds teams, allows employees ample opportunity to communicate with one another and make presentations, and inspires creativity among co-workers.

One-Minute Speech

Prepare several different topics on a wide range of concepts that may or may not relate to work, special events, home life, extra-curricular activities, favorite foods, favorite sports, and such. Have each team member pick a topic from your list, and have them deliver an impromptu one-minute speech in any way they would like to the rest of the team. They must deliver a speech without pausing or stopping until their one-minute timer goes off. This will give other team members an opportunity to get to know them, and their skills at speech-making.

Community Networking

Not all teambuilding activities take place inside the organization. Many organizations engage in philanthropic activities. Helping build strong communities is a very honorable and rewarding way to help build teams and foster an atmosphere of teambuilding within an organization. Teambuilding can easily be accomplished through community networking and contributing to philanthropic causes. Provide team members and employees with opportunities to sponsor community charities and participate in philanthropic causes. Organize team participation in charitable events, which will help satisfy organizational charitable goals and help build team spirit.

Happy team building!

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