Go Carting for Beyond the Boardroom

March 19, 2015

go carts cars all lined up

Ultra Fast Karts Adelaide (Richmond)


After fitting on your karting suit and helmet, you’ll get to see a short video with important safety rules/instructions and also a presentation about Ultra Fast Karts.


All ready to go now, time to get into our karts. During the first lap overtaking is not allowed, this to get used to the track and for the more pro drivers it is the perfect change to warm up your tires!


A few tips about how to take turns: always put your full body weight on the outside of your kart (for example lean to the right for a left side turn), avoid breaking (most turns do not require breaking, slowing down should be okay), always aim for the outside of the track and take the inner side when taking the turn but most important just relax and enjoy!


It is not all about winning but what a good feeling to realize your lap times were the best ;-) 

As a souvenir, you can take a print of your lap times home with you.


Go Carting is definitely one of the must-do activity in conducting a fun Team Building in Australia.












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