Personality Profiling

November 11, 2015

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Organizations and companies make use of behavioural and personality profiling to gain certainty when choosing candidates for recruitment and development programmes. Getting insight into the organization's people management programs and retention initiatives are also some of the benefits that organizations can get out of personality profiling. All information collected on you using the personality test is collated for your ‘personality profile’.

How is Profiling done?

Your personality profile is done by by using a standardized questionnaire for self-report personality. The self-report questionnaire is consisted of questions that aims to measure the aspects of your personality and behaviour in relevance to various social settings such as the workplace. This questionnaire helps the employer in idetifying the prospective employees who can be a good match with their company. Since every people have different personality typesemployers would usually pick the candidate who has the highest probability of a match with their business values and culture.

Keep in mind that a personality test has no set of right or wrong answer. It only aims to assess your personality type. Your answers to questions indicated in the personality test can be interpreted on how well you can adjust to various situation at work. It may also indicate your ability of working well within a team.

These types of assessment intends to provide indicators on personality and behavioral areas like:

  • Motivation
  • Interaction with colleagues
  • Value to the organisation
  • Communication styles
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Behavior under pressure
  • Stress related actions in the workplace
  • Management style that suits them best

All of your answers to the questions or problem scenarios indicated in the personality test allows the potential employers to draw predictions about your possible responses to many different work-related activities. The personality test will help the employers in checking the suitable candidates for a specific role within the company.

There are debates about whether you can prepare for a profiling test, however the best option is to answer the questions as honestly as possible without modifying your preferred behaviour to adapt to the prospective job.

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