Team Building

March 24, 2015

holding each other's hands for successful team building

Team Building: We Have It Our Own Way

There are many ways of uniting a group of people. One would be to keep them cooped inside a room and wait for them to talk to each other, or to bring them out of the office into an adventure- filled team building opportunity where they can explore their own individuality and make it work for others.


In the workplace, there are alliances between groups of colleagues. This can cause division and can impair the way they work around others in the workplace. Team building can break down the barriers as it encourages networking and good working relationships among members.


Team building is a part of a social psychology method aimed at improving communication that makes the workplace more fun to work in. It also gives colleagues the chance to know each other and have them on the same level of thinking that would eventually lead to thinking and working together to achieve their common goal. Setting limitations and self-regulation is one way to get along with each other, and with team building, this can be achieved!


From Roots To Tips


The principle of team building methods is rooted from the need to understand each other and work out on their differences to their group’s advantage. There are different types of activities for communication; problem-solving, planning, adaptability and trust. What if these activities were done with an adventuresome twist?


Problem-solving activities are seen to effectively have the members talk to each other and work out a solution. This increases communication amongst the members and improves it. Once they had stated the problem, they are then “forced” to find a solution by analysing the situation and injecting each other’s ideas.


Planning a solution and adaptation to the situation is done by the whole team to reach their desired outcome. Along the whole process, they realise and learn to trust their co-members and together they meet the completion of their common goal. Applied on an adventuresome environment, the situation is then made more interesting and fun!


To Unity And Beyond (the Boardroom)


Specialising in adventure-based team building experiences around Australia; Beyond the Boardroom is the Best Adventure Tourism Business in South Australia in 2013. With proven programs and activities that are sure to unite any group into achieving success in their common goals for over 20 years, Beyond the Boardroom truly exceeds your expectations!


Whether your team is in need of a morale boost or your employees simply need that big break to communicate better with each other, Beyond the Boardroom will be there to facilitate fun team building programs. It promotes different levels of leadership through comprehensively challenging group activities set within an adventuresome environment. We aim to build super teams that can become our future leaders.


We had seen the benefits and have a proven methodology that is sure to wake up the team member in each and every one in your company. We develop teams and help them connect through adventurous experiences that would bring out the best in them.

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