Ignite the Team Spirit with Amazing Race Sydney Team Building Activity for Your Bright and Energetic Team

December 2, 2016

Coombes Orthodontistry Group were a fun lot, lil nervous perhaps at the start however once shirts & bandanas were donned, it was game on & their competitive spirits showed!!! Arriving after some quite close running races at the 2nd challenge proved quite funny as all 3 teams were blindfolded & competed for the treasures in front of a bunch of contruction workers who found it all quite amusing. The water taxi ride was enjoyed by all (even those who suffer from seasickness made it thru in good spirits).

The paper scissors challenge broke the groups up with Pink team (we dont run) doing it in 1 go & leaving the other 2 teams in their dust. They werent able to locate the next challenge however till after the other teams had already arrived at the water bottle challenge so the lead changed back & forth! The blue team struggled with this alil , blaming their water bottle cap faulty discharge rate instead of looking at their chosen method of rope attachments perhaps??

The youth in their team upon completion darted straight off ( in the wrong direction) before the more experienced members pulled them back to set a new strategy !! Despite all teams lacking more than 1 transport option each, the end results went down to the wire as although the Pink (we dotn run) team arrived first, The Green(We want Cnady) team werent that far behind & had found a few more items to narrow the gap in the end to just 1 minute!

It was the pink team (we dont run ) that did prevail & even though the blue team (all for apples) made avaliant charge at the end, werent quite able to bridge the gap bringing them the wooden spoons!! Overall the Sydney Amazing Race was taken in the right spirit & all members were well & truly ready to enjoy their lunch & talk over their rewarded & not so rewarded Race tactics!!!


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