CUB Melbourne Team Building - Minute to Win It

May 16, 2016

One of the greatest sporting arenas in the world was the stage for today's Melbourne team building event. Located at the MCG in heart of Melbourne CBD we ran a competition of Epic proportions with the Marketing and Sales team of Carlton United Breweries. The challenge for this team was to see how well they would do in completing a bunch of challenges they are mostly completed in 1 minute using ordinary house hold items like plastic cups, straws, pasta, rubber bands, tea bags and more.

Over the next two and half hours we saw the Carton United Brewery team take on the challenges with lots of gusto and there certainly were some laughs to be had. There was as always a competitive spirit that rose and the competition was hot at times.

Highlights from today's minute to win it program was our ever popular flying ball, which most times turns into water flying across the room as the teams attempt to blow ping pong balls from one cup to another. Also a riot was the CUB team as they took on our rapid fire game as the team lined up ready to sniper shoot the can awaiting them as targets. And finally the teams were put through a trust test as they Congo lined there way to items to create some amazing tower constructions to support an Apple.

Always a great fun team building event that definitely let the CUB team have a great time, introduced them to some funny games and allowed them to work together to achieve all the rapid fire minute to win it challenges. Coming out top was the team in the Black who through the program dominated in all aspects of the challenges and proudly donned the coveted Beyond the Boardroom medallions.

Written by Justin Monaghan


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