The Team From Peritas Group Takes the Amazing Race Perth Team Building Challenge

December 29, 2016

With a beautiful sunny Perth day and Christmas spirit in the air of the CBD this team of Peritas would undertake a fun event to end their big 2016. Today's groups would arrive in themed dress and exercise clothes signifying their readiness for the team Perth amazing race challenge.

Kicking of our race in the Supreme Court gardens we would test out the trust factor in this Peritas team with our blindfold pick up challenge. After a flurry or various strategies and calamity of contact the teams navigated their way in quick time to their first clue and leg of the race.

The first leg would see various clever strategies playing out and some not so clever. The racers would be heading east to get some funny selfies with Mr Cloister tracking down our most closely related bar to Beyond the Boardroom and then on the Perth's happiest barista at Mini Espresso for their next clue. at this stage the four teams were neck and neck.

The teams of Peritas would then make their way west doing their best impersonations of the 5 proud kangaroos in Stirling gardens then onto their next pit stop at the the Perth concert hall and the venue to their next team challenge. First to arrive were Victorious Secret and had near completed their water bottle challenge before the Win or Lose, we booze arrived. All teams were clever and worked together to empty every last drop of water out of their team bottles, however this race was fast becoming a two horse race with Victorious Secret and Win or Lose we booze creating a serous gap back to Tokyo Drifters and Not Fast, but furious.

The two leading teams almost came unstuck with a seriously mental challenge at grand lane with a paper scissors challenge, but were able to gain their composure and receive the final clue to the race. Unfortunately while the Tokyo Drifters and Not Fast, but furious were supreme in this challenge they were unable to track down their leaders.

As the teams arrived at the Generous Squire pub on Murray street it would see the team in red coming in with over a 10 minute lead on second place Win, Lose or we booze. Last to arrive were the Tokyo Drifters, but there was a set of strange circumstance that saw Not Fast, but Furious arriving second, only to later discover they had not undertaken the Chinatown commitments challenge and therefore incurred a 15 minute penalty.

As the teams enjoyed a few festive beverages this Peritas race came down to a near supreme transport strategy by Tokyo Drifters only to come up short to eventual winners Victorious Secret by 1 minute. Win, Lose, we booze were happy to enjoy the cold beers living up to their name and Not Fast, but Furious took home the wooden spoon after their lack of commitment to the food challenge and as a result not keeping their dubious second place finish.

Over all another great event in the Swan river city and a great way for this super team building event to finish of 2016 going into the holiday season.


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