Toyota - Minute to Win it Team Building Challenge

April 12, 2016

The stage of this event was to see if 24 Toyota employees could take on a rapid fire collection of challenges that were mostly done in a minute time slot. At the beginning of the event there were a mixed collection of emotions consisting of full white line fever and competitive drive to intimidation and fear. As we got into the event the group was split into four teams of six and aptly named after some of Toyota finest car models, which were Hilux (Green), 86 (orange), Landcruiser (Yellow) and Camry (white).

We kicked of the event with a warm up challenge just to get them working together as a team to solve the cryptic problem of fitting a member through an A4 piece of paper. The challenge certainly saw confident faces become a little bamboozled as they tried to work the answer. Only the Hilux and Landcruiser team were able to figure out the riddle.

With this as a start we then headed into 90 minutes of fun, laughter and few stressed out faces as we put the Toyota employees through there paces and some funny challenges involving plastic cups, water, ping pong balls, penne pasta and tea bags.

Highlights were certainly thick and fast from the Landcruiser team who seem to overcome every challenge and utilise the many hidden talents of extreme memory, steady hands, focus and innovative ideas in their team to romp it in to 1st place and take home the coveted BTB medallion. Hilux were the quiet achievers and progressively worked through there challenges finishing in 2nd.

Fighting it out for the wooden spoon were 86 and Camry as it was very evident that both teams were trying to cut corners all the way. After the time had passed and more laughter was achieved than problems solved and items collected Camry took the wooden spoon by just 20 points and one particular member was pretty happy with that result with a mighty Yahoo on collecting it.

Overall all the Toyota employees loved the days activity and certainly were able to see how team work and diversity of personality and strengths go along way to solving the minute to win it challenges.


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