Competition: Does it Work for Team Building?

May 1, 2017

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The preconceived notion that competitions are bad when done within a team has been a thought of the past. Nowadays, businesses and companies make use of competitions as a tool to boost productivity. Competition should not be vied as a bad factor that ruins teamwork. It should be seen from a different light; we can regard competition as a vulture of challenge in the workplace that your team members and other employees should be a part of.

Most team building activities Melbourne include the element of competition because they want to introduce the productive edge of being competitive. Spicing up the usual routine in the workplace is also a factor that you need to look at and it is where a good round of friendly competition will help your business. 

Why create a competitive spirit during team events?

The traditional team building activities that most companies have organized before is becoming a usual routine that most of your employees find it boring. If most of your employees have been with your company for more than two or three years, it is high time for you to raise the bar for your team building activities. The usual leadership seminars and other team development events help your team improve their professional outlook but they might find it too predictable if you keep on repeating the same event every year. Introducing team competitions during your team building activity is a great opportunity for everyone.

Competition is a part of life and it will depend on the team building facilitators on how they will create a competitive activity that will bring out teamwork. Keep in mind that your competitions should bring out the potential good leaders of the team, facilitate team communication, develop trust to one another, and bring about problem solving challenges that everyone can participate on. By doing so, your team members will be able to evaluate themselves in terms of their strong qualities, weaknesses, and level of participation to the team. These are just some of the few benefits that you can derive from competitive team building events.

The most important benefit that you can get from competitions is the development of your team when faced with failure. Even though it is just a friendly competition, the activity will still determine a winner and a loser for the event. Having been faced with failure, your team will be able to evaluate themselves and their performance during the competitions. Also, being a victor will from the competitions will also teach your team on how they should celebrate their success.

Teamwork is also about being able to bridge gaps within the team when you are not able to agree to take the same path. The corporate world nowadays is beyond competitive that is why you need to introduce your team on how you can deal with competitions without compromising work relations. It is a great opportunity for them to experience it in a fun way and doing so will also benefit them.

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