Team Building Sydney: Bad Office Behavior That Affects Teamwork

February 15, 2017

team building Sydney tips for teamwork

What you do and do not do in the office always have an impact to your team. Team building Sydney and other team events are organized by businesses and companies to foster working relationships that will create a harmonious and productive work environment.

There are a number of reasons why organizations unify the team through many different events. Most team building activities sponsored by the company are geared towards cultivating team work within the organization. One way to help the company to develop your team’s teamwork is to understand the common causes of conflicts, namely bad office behaviors.

  1. Tardiness – The start of your team’s poor performance stems out to attendance. Coming to work in time is an indicator as to how your team respects company policies and the people they are working with. Tardiness at work greatly affects meeting of deadlines and the quality of work produce by your team. To make sure that your team will comply with the policies, be sure that you yourself is never tardy without important excuse.
  2. Forming Cliques and Rudeness – Workplace rudeness is a harmful behavior in the office. It is very contagious and is often the cause of ostracizing members of your team that does not belong to the “clique”. When a member of your team experiences the feeling of exclusion, he or she might distance herself from the team as defense against the behavior of some of your team members. When someone is being excluded from the team, the quality of work produced by your team will somehow feel incomplete as well. Keep in mind that your team is structured and expected to come up with finished tasks that has a unique idea from each members.
  3. Rumor mongering – Rumors at work often results to hurt feelings and having to work in an unfriendly environment. Regardless of its truth, rumors can break the ties and work relationships that took years to build. It frequently causes distrust among the members of your team. Rumors are spread within your team due to miscommunication and unhealthy competition. Though they are not the sole cause for rumor mongering, they are often cited as the possible causes for it. Handling rumors at work will require better listening skills.
  4. Laziness – Doing nothing at work while others are trying their best to finish their work and meet deadlines is an unacceptable behavior. You must work on a fair share, especially if you work for a team. Being unmotivated with work is the most common reason why your team can be lazy. To avoid your team from being lazy and increase your team’s productivity, you can carefully organize games or small activities that will energize them to move about.

Bad behavior in the office is a natural occurrence that can be prevented once detected on its early phase. Most of these bad behaviors stems from your team’s different personalities. It is a great responsibility for leaders to be quick on noticing these behaviors. Creating solutions for these behaviors will depend on how your team is motivated. For more team building tips, call Beyond the Boardroom today!

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