Team Building Tip: Team Reorganization

April 17, 2017

team building Melbourne team reorganization


There will be times that a team won’t be able to keep up to maintain its effectiveness. Some businesses and organizations might keep the team for some time and continue its operation because they are afraid of the effects that re-organization or team disbandment will bring. The occurrence of team disbandment may sometimes cause the loss of clients.  

To be able to maintain clients, team building Melbourne often suggest reorganizing a team instead of disbandment. If a team is ineffective, a change in leadership or some of its members can make a difference. Some members of the team and may be even its leader may have been too complacent which resulted to the poor performance. Once the team gives off a significant vibe of needing a break, reorganizing them will be the best choice. Here are some other reasons why you need to consider team reorganization:

  • Issues with team members – It is an inevitable occurrence when a member of your team no longer wants to work with the team because of misunderstandings and other concerns. If you find these issues irreparable, it’s high time to consider letting a team member go. Finding replacement that can perform the roles better will give the team a newer and better resource of ideas. Having a replacement that can handle the demands of the work and can get along with the rest of the team can mark the restart for your team.
  • Disruptive behavior to the team – Sometimes a team member will not be able to verbally express his or her dislike of working with the team. This dislike will manifest on their behavior instead. They would often intentionally come to work late or submit their work beyond the deadlines. If this happen to your team member, you can personally ask them for reasons of such behavior. Getting them to talk regarding their behavior will help you identify what needs to be fixed within the team.

Smooth Transition of Tasks

During the process of replacing a team member, what you need to ensure is the smooth transition of the tasks. Facilitating this transition requires attention to the incoming member, outgoing member and the remaining members of the team. For the outgoing member of the team, make sure that you have personally discussed the reasons behind his or her transfer. Make sure that the turnover of work has been done smoothly.

To the incoming member of the team, introducing him to the team with a small activity will be best. Adjusting to the team can be made easier if he make a few acquaintances that can help him in doing his tasks. The remaining members of the team also need to commit that they will help create a comfortable work environment to the incoming member.

Reorganization can be a bit awkward at first but having a new member can be made easier with the aid of your team members. The adjustment phase can be fun if you will be able to organize a fun team building activities Melbourne for them. Click here for team building ideas!  


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