The Role Of Coaching In Team Building

April 24, 2017

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Team building activities Sydney is slowly becoming an important aspect of creating a supportive environment for businesses. Improving the team environment and fostering great working relationship between teams and all of your employees are just some of the goals that most businesses would want to achieve through team building.


No matter how hard you try, team building activities will not magically turn your team into the “perfect team”. This is because team building requires a process, a development that will require your team to progress as they learn through numerous failures and successes. It is a never ending process that will allow your team to experience numerous professional and personal lessons.

Team building is not a one-time event. Follow up activities, employee empowerment and other necessary evaluation on your team’s progress will help a lot if you want to turn your team into a functional and productive work unit. Facilitating this kind of follow up activities and evaluation for your team will make way for needed coaching sessions that might help improve your team’s current performance.

Coaching and Team building

Team building activities enable your team to discover and acquire skills and knowledge that will aid them in doing their roles in the workplace. Despite the acquisition of said knowledge and skills some of your team members will still have a hard time identifying the potential situations where this newly acquired knowledge can be utilized.

Proper coaching will serve as reinforcement for your team building. Your team members will need one-on-one coaching session in order to properly assess what they’ve learned throughout the team building activity. If coaching is applied after the activity, you will be able to identify each of your member’s starting point towards the achievement of the team goal. Aside for the team’s strategy, you will also need a proper action plan and commitment from each of your member towards the goal so that you can be assured of their cooperation.

Coaching is not a micro-managing strategy. It is an approach that will create a concrete plan on how you will be able to utilize the skills of your team members. You can also consider this as a holistic process that can help you identify both weaknesses and strengths of your team and its members. Through coaching you will be able to create a plan that will benefit and empower the team.

In order to achieve success for your team, a leader should be ready to exhaust all possible ways that can be used to improve the quality of output that the team puts forward. High quality results take time; get your team engaged with the process of creating your desired goal to make the most out of your team building process.

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