Top 10 Best Amazing Race Challenges Of All Time

December 23, 2019

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About 18 years ago, the first episode of the fantastic race aired. Since then, contestants have travelled around the world and conquered challenges in duos. The amazing race is a popular team building event that comprises various challenges and milestones. The experiences of the contestant give viewers a wide range of premium content. 

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In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 challenges from the amazing race. What are the most breathtaking challenges that teams had to get past?  Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and let us run through a list of the most incredible challenges from the amazing race TV Show, on which we base our challenges!

Digging for clues in the sandcastle

This challenge was a part of the first leg of season 22, and it was a gruelling task where competitors needed a bit of luck. The contestants had to search for 11 clues out of more than 400 sandcastles at the beach. As if this wasn’t tough enough, contestants also had to rebuild any castles that did not have clues in them.

Eating challenges

Challenges with food are always fun when food is involved, and the amazing race has provided incredible food challenges. For example, the Argentinian feast in season 7 required that each racer ate 4 pounds of assorted meat. This challenge was so complicated that only a handful of racers were able to complete this roadblock. 

Rock it out  

The amazing race is not about pushing physical limits. There are some rather interesting activities to challenge your team. For this challenge, contestants were supposed to get up and perform songs for a bunch of strangers.

Watermelon slingshot

This challenge was the first leg of season 17, where the teams travelled to England. The roadblock encountered involved riding a horse to where a gigantic slingshot was waiting for them. The goal of this challenge was to knock over a suit of amour using watermelons as slingshots. There was a funny instance where a melon hit Claire (of team Brook and Claire). This was a trying time because even though she needed to recover, she needed to keep going to avoid elimination for her team.

Rolling out

In the hay bale roadblock, racers were required to unroll large hay bales (all of which were larger than the contestants). This roadblock was both physically and mentally exhausting for many teams. Each team was required to find clues to the next location at the centre of a few of the hay bales. This roadblock tested patience and strength, although a few people found traces rather early.

Dance it or draw it

During the detour at Vancouver’s Chinatown, teams were presented with 2 options- to dance or draw. For the dance, contestants were made to put on a traditional costumes and do the lion dance. On the other hand, users were meant to memorise a symbol from one of the 12 animals on the Chinese zodiac. After learning, contestants were supposed to reproduce this with a calligraphy brush. 

Recount it… and?

The detour at St John's was pretty difficult, and it was a real brain test. In this challenge, teams had to recount a story that was told to them using a newfound slang. It was quite difficult because contestants had to recount the story word for word. The other part of this challenge involved loading up a cart filled with eggs and milk. Subsequently, a giant dog would pull the cart up a steep street without damaging the goods.

Hello and Goodbye

The last roadblock of season 21 presented a monumental challenge, especially in the final leg. This challenge required that racers hoist the flags of each nation that they visited during the race. Apart from raising the flags in the right order of countries visited, racers also had to get the correct words for "hello" and "goodbye" for each of the nations. Although contestants were greeted in each country's native language at the pit stop in every state, however, they did not guess that these greetings would come in handy.

Wheels of cheese

This challenge is one that followers of the show will always remember. For this challenge, racers had to bring rickety cheese holders up and down a steep hill. Each team was supposed to get four wheels of cheese down the slope to finish the task. The climb up the steep hill proved to be very challenging for many teams, and they needed to be careful because the wheels could get out of control and become a threat to other racers. This challenge required teamwork and dedication from both members of the team.

Shave it off

This challenge first appeared in the 9th leg of season 5 as part of a Hindu ritual for good luck, and it required contestants to shave their heads. This challenge remains one of the most difficult challenges as contestants had to decide whether to risk elimination or lose their hair. What would you do?


There we go with our top 10 list of incredible challenges in the amazing race. We have had hundreds of various challenges with different teams coming out on top. Over the years, these challenges have entertained us and taught us crucial lessons at the same time.   

Teamwork, passion, perseverance, and the appreciation of individual talents are just some of the lessons that can be learned from the amazing race. Most of the challenges are designed to push contestants beyond limits and help them create lasting memories.

Since the first episode aired on the 5th of September 2001, what are your favourite memories of the amazing race?




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