Help your Team Succeed with these Fun Team Building Activities in Sydney

January 16, 2020

team building activities sydney

So your employees are always in a hurry to head home after working hours, working with one foot outside the door during work hours. You’ve probably gone to great lengths to make the working environment conducive and enjoyable for them, maybe raised pay, furnished the work space to standard, and reduced workloads, but can’t seem to brush off the lackluster team morale and engagement. Then perhaps it’s time to give the best team-building activities in Sydney a try!

Many inexpensive, fun-filled team building events can provide that crucial spark needed to turn things around in a workspace. These events break the ice, induce immersion into a company culture, and promote identification with a brand. The following are eight cheap, easy, yet highly engaging team building activities in Sydney that can work wonders for teams of all sizes.

Stories to share

A timeless, tireless team building activity, campfire stories are ideal for breaking the ice and fostering bonds between team members. It’s basically all about team members gathering together to share memorable events with each other.

Within a 45 -60 minutes interval, team members are given 5 - 15 each to share stories based on a trigger word written on a sticky note placed on a whiteboard, like “pet projects”, “road accidents”, “best/worst day at work”, etc. New words may be added to the whiteboard as story lines unfold. The game can be called off when the whiteboard is filled with interconnected words. In the end, participants will walk away informed, entertained, locked into a stronger team bond.

Memory Wall

Similar to Stories to share, this team-building event taps into memories to strengthen team bonds. But this time, team members relive memories they share with others in the team. 

Team members get to write down positive memories they share with other team members in a sheet of paper, and then draw a caricature of the memories on another paper. They can take anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes to draw the memory scenes, probably with the help of anyone else who shares the memories. Afterwards, they stick their drawings on a board, and other team members are invited to expand on the drawings.

This helps remind team members of the good times they’ve shared together in an evocative, fun-filled manner.

Shark Tank

As the name implies, this is a mock-up version of the popular investor television series. It stimulates both creativity and hardcore problem solving acumen. It also makes a cameo of competition in real-life, though the judges mostly comprise of senior-level officials to give the game a more serious tone. As such, it’s a form of edutainment, brimming with fun and conveying loads of practical lessons. 

In the game, teams of 2 – 6 tee up against each other to trade innovation and ingenuity and win over the “sharks”. They must collaborate to put together a persuasive profession pitch with intricate elements like brand slogans, marketing and advertising plans, sales forecast, and product analysis. The “Sharks” are given an imaginary background of industry titans and thought leaders looking to splash boatloads of investment funds.

And the rules can be winner takes it all or a cascading distribution from the best to the runners up.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

This game puts team spirit and cooperation to the test in order to reinforce them. Two teams each come up with half a part of a bridge (a cardboard or wooden one for example) on their own, and then work together to link the separate parts together. The bridge materials can be cheap and readily available, such as cardboards, building blocks, wooden sticks, tapes, rulers, scissors, etc. 

At the start of the game, the teams go off to opposite corners of the room each with equivalent measures of materials. Interaction between the two teams should be kept to the barest minimum, but they can still communicate during the design phase to brainstorm ideas together. The ideation stage should also be kept brief, 10 -15 minutes tops. After drawing up the sketch, they can then begin to assemble the real project mostly in isolation from each other. The construction stage can last up to 30 minutes, but with minimal verbal communication between the team. The climax is a coming together of the teams to connect the separate parts into a full bridge.

Lessons abound in this game about team dynamics, creativity, efficiency, and problem-solving techniques.

Truth and Lies

Another excellent ice-breaking team-building activity in Sydney. It induces intimacy and helps smoothen out differences. Team members take turns to drop a mix of truths and lies about themselves, and the audience is tasked to pick apart the truth from the lies. Seated in circles, each team member is given a turn to say may truthful things about themselves, throwing in lies in between, say one lie for every two or three truths. 

Unlike most of the other best team building events in Sydney, this one is devoid of the element of competition, so it’s fun galore, giving team members the chance to really get to see the other sides of each other.

Scavenger Hunt

No matter the size, mood, or personality makeup of your team, scavenger hunt games will always serve as an ideal inspiring team-building event. It’s also a game suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It also comes with all the basic elements that spice up a team-building event, including surprise, collaboration, competition, creativity, personality, and problem-solving techniques. 

First off, you need to set a theme for the hunt, as well as goals, and ground rules. You can weave in a wide variety of activities and locations best suited for various personalities and proficiencies. Each team is briefed for at least 20-30 minutes about the makeup of their itinerary, and then they set off to accomplish the set goals. You can rank teams based on points accumulated through successive milestones. 


These team-building activities in Sydney help your team let-off steam and thaw relationships. They help team members see themselves from a different angle that forever changes their perception of each other for the better. They’re also all budget-friendly and suitable for various personality types and team size. Without a hefty budget, you can use these events to systematically upgrade your team’s productivity and kindle kindred spirit vertically and horizontally across your organisation.

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