Why Do a Philanthropic Team Building Activity?

March 3, 2020

philanthropic team building activity

While philanthropic team building events may have altruism written all over them, they do come with multifaceted consequences. Their outcomes bring together the best of many worlds. They can put your brand image on another dimension, create a more conducive atmosphere for growth and development in the workplace, and also create a reality with less-problems for the community.  The benefits can be both direct and indirect, having an immediate impact on the business and far-reaching effects on the community where the business operates.

And there are always huge potentials to reap these benefits no matter what time of the year the events are held.

If you’re looking for some external motivations to help drive home a philanthropic team building event proposal to your board members, here are some solid reasons why you should hold a philanthropic team building event.

Establishing a Laudable Corporate Culture

Now more than ever, corporate culture is having a greater influence on employee retention rates. Most employees are now more conscious of the footprints and legacies of their company. They’re more eager than ever to contribute to community-driven causes as employees of a business. 

By giving them opportunities to express their altruism, you inspire commitment and loyalty to your brand in your team members. The events will create a long-lasting emotional value for your team members. In the long run, as your brand becomes well-known for its community-driven initiatives, you increase your chances of attracting and retaining the best talent.

Philanthropic team-building events also help reinforce the virtues and values of the company in team members.

Developing Relevant Problem-Solving Skills

In the laid-back atmosphere of a philanthropic team-building activity, employees bare themselves with less inhibition. This allows for honest, heart-to-heart interactions that fosters positive criticism. 

As team-members get to work together selflessly, they switch to a frame of mind that allows them to mend each other’s flaws and weaknesses. Communication is taken to another level, and trust and collaboration are amplified. This ultimately strengthens team bonds and supercharges the synergy between team members. Team members will also develop more respect and empathy toward each other and become more apt to work in the same direction towards the same goals. With such a team running the business, the chances of success becomes significantly greater.

Boosting your Brand Reputation

Philanthropic team building events are some of the most expeditious ways to promote brand reputation. They increase not only the popularity, but also the respect your brand commands. They also bring your brand to feel the pulse of your community and to examine how it can contribute to making your community a better place.

By showing that you’re not only in the business of making profits but also contributing selflessly to the well-being of your community at large, you position your brand as a reference point for ideal businesses. And since people generally love associating with businesses that take up a worthy cause in the community, you’ll be able to attract more loyal customers. The outcomes can range from networking opportunities to profitable partnerships and increased sales.

Honing the Strengths of Team Members

Away from the pressure of competition in a less-consequential environment, team-members are more prone to show off some of their hidden talents. During philanthropic team-building events, you might be surprised at the type of tasks your team-members can excel in. For instance, you can find out your accountant is also a décor connoisseur who’s capable of turning your workspace into an oasis with interior décor. 

By holding events where your team member’s hidden talents can be better appreciated, you can help boost their overall confidence and self-esteem. That, in-turn, makes them more productive and committed to your brand. The benefits will accumulate all the more going forward as your team-member’s confidence becomes more reinforced, and they become more responsible and productive. 

A Better Host Community 

Philanthropic team building events help relieve certain segments of a community of certain problems. You might end up solving a problem that could have otherwise remained unattended due to lack of resources. You can help the community solve homelessness problems by helping build shelter homes, or equip a local library with computers to propel it into the digital age, or provide supplies for depraved veterans.

Whichever way you choose to contribute to the society through a philanthropic team-building event, the impact will make waves across the society, especially as it reiterates the importance of corporate social responsibility. And if these events become more commonplace in the society, your host community will become more conducive for your business with people having much less problems to deal with. More people will be impelled to contribute selflessly to the society.

And as the news of your good deeds filters through street corners and homes around the community, your brand will win over more ambassadors who recommend your business to others. As time goes on, the effects of these outcomes will continue to snowball into greater benefits.

Supercharging Employee Engagement

One of the sure-fire ways of inducing employee engagement is by encouraging selfless service. With philanthropic team building events, the management gets to show employees that they’re not just out to increase their bottom line, but that they’re also in the business of improving others through altruism. This compels your employees to engage with your brand at a deeper level. It enhances their sense of belonging in the workplace, reassuring them that they’re being cared for not only because of the efforts they put into the business. As team members become more engaged and amp up their contribution to the business, this will in-turn boost their sense of achievement as they get to accomplish more. 


Many businesses are coming to realise that they can’t do without taking up corporate social responsibility in an age where employees have become more community conscious than ever. Coupled with excellent service delivery, the reputation of a community-driven brand can take brand loyalty and popularity to new heights. Also, by engaging in philanthropic team building activities, you help develop your employees, business, and the community all in one go. 

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