The Latest Charity Team Building Events for 2020

January 23, 2020

charity team building

Smiles are contagious, especially those coming from beneficiaries of charitable gestures. When your team works together to put smiles on other people’s faces, it creates cheerful memories that strengthen bonds between them and amplifies their sense of self-esteem. Several studies show that charity team-building activities are one of the most effective driving factors of employee engagement and team morale. When your team contributes to corporate social causes, the bonding experience has telling effects on the company’s bottom line.

Apart from the faithful charitable events such as bike brigade, toy story and charity putt putt, there are some new activities being launched in 2020.

There are many worthwhile charitable team-building activities, but some are suited to specific personalities and group dynamics. In this list, we present charitable team-building events that are best suited for a wide range of personalities, group sizes, and budget.

Amazing Race - CSR style

Amazing Races are an always popular team building event.  In this 2020 version teams can in fact assemble a balance bike or toy and this be donated to a charity at the end of the race.  It is a great alternative to the standard race or scavenger hunt.

Operation Water

Beyond the Boardroom has a great team activity where teams build water filtration units.  It is a friendly competition and teams learn about water filtration units and the people that need them most.  The units are built here, and for every unit built a brand new water filtration unit is purchased and built on the ground in Cambodia, to help schools and families in remote villages.


Imagine a Survivor style team building event, where teams in fact gather and win items throughout the competition and once all collected, become a kit for the homeless.  The kits can range in items including backpacks, tents, bedrolls, sleeping bags, drink bottles and more.  Homelessness is a huge issue and this event plays a small part to help.

CSR Olympics

Love the olympics and some friendly competition?  This new event is based loosely on track and field events, but these events all result in sporting items being gathered and donated to a local school.  Teams compete in fun energetic activities and the end result is more kids being able to enjoy sport and activity.  It is a win win!

Robot Wars

Teams have to build a robot from scratch and compete in a range of activities with it in a specified amount of time.

You will find out who the technical geniuses are on your team, and at the end of the program the robots are donated to a local school or organisation.  Technology at its best!


Teams must build a structure based on a set of guidelines, using food items and cans.  The structure is then judged and the winning teams announced.

The food items are donated to a shelter or charity for those in need at the end of the activity.


With these charitable team-building events, you can amplify the sense of self-worth among your team members, making them feel more like valuable members of the society, all without stretching your budget. These events will also etch your brand on the hearts of community members and put smiles on the faces of people going through rough times. 

To find out more visit our Charitable team building events page


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