Quick Team Building Activities

July 7, 2022

Quick Team Building Activities

What makes quick team building activities so great is their versatility! You can place any quick team building activities after lunch to inspire, in the morning before the day begins to get people thinking creatively or before meetings to loosen up the ego and ensure constructive collaboration. Quick Team Building Activities are a fun way to break up your day while improving relationships within the office. By incorporating purposeful breaks in your day through quick team building activities you will encourage staff collaboration and dismantle barriers between departments and individuals.

Quick Team Building Activities for Work

Quick team building activities at work also provide a habitat for creative & strategic thinking. See our list of quick team building activities below:

Human Rhythm - 15 to 20 minutes

Using tubes, or your own bodies percussion, this quick team building activity allows participants to create an energetic symphony. What is unique about this quick team building activity is that there are no teams. The entire group is assigned a certain sound, and begin to practice. At first it sounds like cacophony of noise. By the end, when the human rhythm transforms, the energy that fills the room is striking. The transforming flow represents the new bonds created by shared experience throughout the group.

Drumming - 20 to 45 minutes

Another form of Human Rhythm, Drumming, is a quick team building activity that can be done at work, indoors or outdoors. Drumming takes the group on a musical journey, where they are the active performers. The difference between human rhythm and drumming is that it requires seperate teams which then come together as a whole at the end of the activity. As the frequency from the drums circulate around the room, connections are made from person to person.


Human Bingo - 30 minutes

Ice breakers can be a dreaded quick team building activity at work. However, they break down barriers which hinder collaboration throughout a group. Establishing healthy competition, Human Bingo will have everyone talking, trying to be the first one to yell “Bingo!”.  Human Bingo is just as it sounds. A group is placed in a room and are given a certain amount of bingo questions such as “find someone who has two pets”. Participants race around the room trying to find a person for each bingo question creating connections as they go. The first one to find a different person for each question cries “Bingo!” and is crowned the winner.

Balloon Mascots

Balloon mascot is another quick team building activity that incorporates ice breaking elements. Divided into teams, each group creates a mascot that represents the team as a whole. This results in the team communicating to discover what they have in common with each other in order to construct their mascot. It doesn’t have to be hobbies it could be personality types, roles at work, education, background and so on. Some teams will struggle to find things in common but that’s when the magic happens! Teams will realise how when you look at traits on a surface level, they don’t seem comparable, however upon speculation they start to draw similarities between each member and discover new things along the way.

Marshmallow Towers - 30 minutes

After grabbing what seems like a very strange assortment of groceries, marshmallows and spaghetti, and receiving strange looks from the grocer, you head to the office to begin your quick team building activity. Marshmallow towers are for those wishing to infuse creativity and strategic thinking into the office before getting back to work. Splitting into rough even numbers, the objective of the activity is to build the tallest tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. When the timer goes off the team with the tallest tower wins!

Minute to Win it-  30 to 45 minutes

Minute to win it is just how it sounds! Break your group up into smaller teams or have individual against individual in this heated contest against the clock. Teams complete simple tasks with spare items you might have lying around the office.

You could try, Bite the Bickie – take the office cookie jar and see if you can get a biscuit to travel from your forehead to your mouth using only the muscles in your face. Try placing a glass filled with water at the end of a long line of paper towel and have teams try to pull it closer without tearing the paper or spilling the water. You could do anagrams, an egg race, math problems, flip cup or word games and tailor each to suit your team. The options are endless!

Guess Who - 15 to 30 minutes

Guess who is another ice breaking, quick team building activity. Guess who ensures that the group communicates in an open-minded way before the day begins. Players write down three facts about themselves on a slip of paper. They then fold the paper and place it in a hat. The hat is then passed around the group as each person reads someone else’s facts and the group has to guess who the facts are about!


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