Top 10 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

April 5, 2023

Top 10 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Top 10 team-building activities for small groups, from the experts! Team events are necessary to connect, empower and motivate every team, no matter the size. We offer team building activities in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and various cities around Australia. If you have a small team and looking to get them together then see below for our team building activities for small groups.

Our Small Group Team Building Activities


Based on the ‘immunity challenges’ you see on the TV Show, Survivor is a team building activity perfect for small groups. Where Amazing Races see teams split off in different directions the Survivor takes place in one central area like a field or reserve, where small teams compete head-to-head in these ‘immunity challenges’.

If you have a small team, you can create your own Survivor-style challenge, or take the stress out of planning a team building activity for small groups by contacting our expert event team, through our online enquiry form!

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AppVenture Challenge

This App based scavenger hunt challenge is perfect for small groups with small budgets! All you need is a CBD location and a small team to participate in this team building activity for small groups. A CBD location is the only prerequisite for the AppVenture Urban Explorer, whether it’s Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns or anywhere in between. Your small group will participate in fun and hilarious photo and video challenges that are marked by your personal lead facilitator online. Click here for a free quote on our best team building activities for small groups. 

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A take on the classic team building activity the Amazing Race, the Scramble is great for small groups. Perfect as a way to celebrate a successful quarter, the Scramble, will take your team around your chosen local area, exploring while working together to solve unique challenges. Don’t be fooled, this is not a race! The first one back is not always the winner. Instead, the winner of your small group team Scramble is based on points earned at the challenge checkpoints.

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Lego Serious Play

One of the best team building workshops for small groups, LSP was created by the corporate group at LEGO and is still used in their offices today. With Lego Serious Play your small team will share ideas and tackle issues by building physical representations through the power and play of Lego. Your small team will dive deeper into their personal and professional goals. Furthermore, learning more about each other provides segways for further communication, all through this small group team building activity. Click HERE to learn more about Lego Serious Play.

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Eddy The Egg

A quick team building activity for small groups, Eddy the Egg is a fun and engaging challenge where teams construct a device made of biodegradable straws and tape to catch an egg dropped from shoulder height – the aim is for the egg not to break or crack at all! This activity can be included in most of our team building activities for small groups or can run as a stand-alone.

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Human Bingo

Find someone in the room that fits the description on your bingo card! This game is a fun team-building activity for small groups and groups of all sizes. Based on the game you used to play with your grandparents, Human Bingo allows your delegates to learn more about each other without playing icebreaker games that make everyone cringe. You can create a bingo tile card that reflects your team. An example of bingo tiles could be finding someone that was born overseas,  has two sisters, grew up on a farm, swapped degrees more than once, and so on.

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Corporate Entertainment Nights

Reward your team with a corporate evening of entertainment. A small group is perfect for events such as Murder Mystery Night, Trivia Nights, and Casino Nights. During these nights your team has the opportunity to dress up if they like, have fun and a few drinks. This allows for team bonds to grow and develop. These events can take place before, during or after your evening meal. Turning a mediocre dinner into something greater by simply engaging Beyond the Boardroom with a corporate night of entertainment.

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Battle of the Minds

Teamwork and strategic thinking are essential elements in this team building activity for small groups. When the timer starts your team will battle it out for first place, competing in an array of challenges. During this, your small group will race around the room trying to complete as many challenges as possible.

This indoor event is an excellent team building activity for your small group as it takes place in one central location, like a boardroom or conference room – and there is no need to worry about the weather! Keep reading about Battle of the Minds here.

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Best Team Building Exercises for Small Groups

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are fantastic tools to add to your list of small group team building activities and exercises. A great way to warm up before a big day or wind down after a long one, Mindfulness & Meditation will relax and enlighten your small team, taking their attention from the day ahead or the day just passed and allowing them to focus on the present. People who meditate and practice mindfulness often are more resilient and self-aware leading to better team communication. Headspace offers Headspace for Office Employees, and there are plenty of exercises for free on YouTube. 

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Morning/Lunch Break Walk

Something as simple as a brisk walk can change the way your small group interacts and value each other, and their job. This team building exercise for small groups is one of the most underrated and the easiest to implement. Simply start by letting your colleagues know that you are taking a stroll at lunch and ask them if they would like to join. Going for a walk during your lunch break positively impacts all areas of work, from concentration to creativity. As you walk, your small group strikes up a conversation building rapport, and easy familiarity with each other.

Mini Olympics

The 100-meter sprint, long jump, shotput – don’t worry, none of these is in the Mini Olympics. We understand the corporate brief, so we created team building activities for small groups, like the Mini Olympics, with the typical corporate person in mind. In the Mini Olympics, your team will compete in challenges that are more problem solving, with a little bit of movement thrown in. Elimination football, catapults, volleyball, and bamboo towers are just a few of the activities in the Mini Olympics.

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