Team Building in Sydney and Other Parts of Australia to Support Charities?

Beyond the Boardroom has some fantastic team building programs in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Hobart and beyond.

Companies invest in team buildings to increase the effectivity and cooperation of the employees. It helps them build trust with one another while doing the team building activities. Team building Sydney is one way of getting the team together. It will help them build trust and confidence with each of their team member. The events we create for team building activities can also be done for a good cause.

May Contribution

What is the best way to know your team members? Our social awareness team building activities will reveal the kindness in your team mates but at the same time test the patience in each team member. These team building activities do not necessarily mean that there will be no challenges or fun! The cooperation of each team member will be highlighted and the leaders within them will come out. Every activity will keep you going and the goal is to keep everyone in the team motivated and at the same time participative.

The team building activities are designed to test the cooperation and effectivity of each team member with one another. Aside from having a good time, the activities that will be done, will go to a good cause!

These events are socially aware team building activities that give to a good cause. Team building activities include:

  • Bike Brigade - Making a bike from scratch and giving it away to a charity
  • Cubby Crew - Making a cubby house and giving it to a charity
  • The Big Issue - help the homeless in a special half day experience.

We also have other options such as Flat Pack furniture making OR you can modify one of our other programs to include a fund raising element so during a race for example you raise money that will be donated to a charity.

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