Bike Brigade - CSR/Charitable Team Building

CSR / Charity Team Building

30 to 1000

Australia wide

2 hours

Full event facilitation, tools, bikes, helmets, charity liaison, bike mechanic to check bikes and delivery of completed bikes post event.

CSR / Charity

Bike Brigade is a great fun team building activity anywhere in Australia.

Bike Brigade is a heart-warming event where delegates build bikes that will be donated onto under-privileged children. This amazing CSR team building activity is available throughout Australia. It is normally 2 hours in duration and will need a conference/training room as a venue, it can also be facilitated outdoors as required. The basic aim for teams is to work together to build a bike from scratch that is then donated to a children’s charity of choice.

How it works

Teams start the program by competing in a series of challenges that revolve around fun, trust, communication and creative thinking. Then the main task begins as teams are provided with the tools and a box containing the parts to build a brand new bike. After consultation we find a suitable charity for you to donate to, the challenges are tailored to your specific outcomes and the activity includes the transportation of the bikes to the charity HQ post event. This activity can be more competitive as the group gets larger with teams putting bikes together. This program is a socially inclusive activity that promotes a feeling of thoughtfulness as well as providing a fun team building event.


  • 1 bike per team of 6 + helmet for the child
  • All equipment necessary to conduct all activities
  • All briefing material
  • Consultation and Program Design
  • Charitable Organisation - we work with several charities and aim to have a representative from the charity…. Or the kids themselves attend to receive the bikes from the delegates
  • Program Delivery
  • Beyond The Boardroom Facilitator/s
  • First Aid as a precaution
  • Bike check to make sure the bikes are safe once complete
  • Delivery of the bikes post event to the charity/children
  • GST & Insurance