Bike Brigrade is a great fun team building activity anywhere in Australia.

Teams compete in a series of team and problem solving challenges.  The last part of the program includes gathering the parts of the bikes in a blindfold challenge before building the bikes from scratch.

After the bikes are built they are donated to a charity of choice.

This activity can be more competitive as the group gets larger with more teams putting bikes together.

This program is a CSR, socially aware activity that promotes a feeling of thoughtfulness as well as provides a fun team building event.

If you are looking for a team event that is more than just a team building activity then this is it.  It will boost morale, bond the team through a cool experience and show the world how community minded your company is.

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Located at:



Under Half Day


CSR / Charity team building

No. of participants:

From 8 to 100


Australia wide


On Demand


2 hours


Bikes (normally 2 per team), team challenges, bandannas, charity liaison, transport of bikes to and from event, facilitators


From $2000