Brighter Future CSR Team Building event

Half Day

CSR Charity event


Australia wide

On demand

1 hour

Solar lights facilitator, challenges, program and more. Also available remotely.

CSR / Charity

Brighter Future is a CSR team building event exclusive to Beyond the Boardroom.  In a collaborative effort with Solar Buddy, Brighter Future is a 1 hour team building event that results in a solar light being built.

The lights help combat energy poverty in 3rd world countries and are donated to children to help them be able to study at night and improve their general well being.

This is a heartfelt team building event with purpose.


How it works

Beyond the Boardroom will come to your training room or conference centre kitted out with solar light kits, an inspiring story and some great activities.

The teams will then commence building the solar lights.

The end of the activity we reflect on what this program really means and then the lights are shipped to our charity partner and distributed around the globe.

If run as a remote activity, lights are sent to participants pre event, a facilitator will guide the team through the process virtually and then the lights are sent back to the Beyond the Boardroom office to be sent to our charity partner.