Build a cubby house for an underpriveliged family - Team Building for a good cause

Half Day

CSR - Charity event


Australia wide

On demand

3 hours

Cubby House per 10 people for donation, transportation of cubby houses, builder to check workmanship, organisation of charity, facilitators, tools

From $2500 for 10 people

Beyond the Boardroom have a great activity called Cubby Crew.

Build a cubby house from scratch and donate it to a childrens charity of your choice.

Cubby crew is a fantastic socially aware team building activity for groups of all sizes.  The teams must assemble a cubby house from scratch.

Teams must nominate a project manager (ideally someone not in a management role) and they are responsible for guiding the team as the put together a cubby for a good cause.

This activity is normally 2-3 hours duration and is a socially aware program that not only donates to a good cause - but is also excellent for team morale.

How it works

The group will arrive at an agreed location.  They will complete some team building challenges before putting together a cubby house from a flat pack.

The cubby can be decorated (vouchers can be added as an optional extra) and once completed the cubby is handed over to a receiving charity.

Post event the cubby is checked for safety and workmanship and then transported to the location of choice.