Toy Story - CSR event

2 hours

CSR - Charity event

All Group sizes of 10+

Australia wide

On demand

Day or evening

Toys in flatpack, arrangement of charity, transportation of toys post event, challenges, facilitators

From $2000+

Toy Story is a great CSR event where teams firstly compete in a series of team challenges which results in the building of wooden childrens toys.

The challenges utilise the toy parts which are flat packed.  Once all the items are discovered the teams must then put the toys together.

At the end of the activity, a childrens charity representative is present for a handover of the toys.

This event is especially great for Christmas party event.

How it works

This event is perfect for Christmas parties, large groups and evening activities.

Beyond the Boardroom organise everything from the toys to the charity and then the delivery of the toys post event.

The Toy Story is a heartfelt activity that helps employees realise their company is about more than just profits.  It is also about giving back to those in the community that are less fortunate.

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