Water works

Half Day

CSR Charity event

6-30 people

Australia wide

On demand

2 hours

water units (flat packed), facilitators, challenges, charity liaison, shipping of filters

Water Works is a truly unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time participating in a fantastic team building activity.

Teams are given 9 parts and must build a water filtration unit that is later sent to countries and communities without safe drinking water. With items in hand, we reveal 2 things that change everything,

  1. What they are building and:
  2. Why it is so important.

This is a CSR event at its best.

How it works

The units are provided by Beyond the Boardroom in a flat pack style.

Teams must build the filtration units and these are then shipped to the charity partner for distribution.

Teams will hear the story of what Water Works is all about, see where the filters are going and gain some amazing insights into the plight of others that do not have the same basic ammenities as we do.