Charity Challenge

CSR / Charity Team Building

30 to 1000+

Australia wide

45 - 90 Minutes

CSR / Charity

Charity Challenge is a fun and engaging fundraising event where teams compete to raise the most for a charity. This is an alternative way for your company to make a corporate donation and involve your team in the process.

Each table of delegates is considered a team and are given the Charity Challenge activity booklet. There are 45 challenges within the booklet with each completed challenge earning money for team towards the chosen charity. The booklet contains 15 easy, 15 medium and 15 hard challenges with each challenge accommodating all brain types; mathematical, artistic, creative & scientific.


How it works

A correct or completed challenge will see your delegates earn money for their chosen charity. The team who has raised the most money will have the honour of presenting the charity representative with the donation. We tailor the value of each task based on your desired donation amount.

We will work with you to select the charity to receive the donation. At the conclusion of the activity, we will introduce the charity representative to say a few words of gratitude and announce the total amount that has been donated on your behalf.


  • A Beyond the Boardroom host and facilitators to run the event
  • All equipment necessary to conduct activities
  • Medallions for the winning team