Charity Team Building - LEGO Create to Donate

CSR / Charity Team Building

30 to 1000

Australia wide

2 hours

CSR / Charity

This touching CSR event combines imagination, LEGO® building expertise, and the heart-warming act of donating boxes of LEGO® to a children's charity team building activity anywhere in Australia.

How it works

More than just creativity and construction - LEGO® Create to Donate is all about creating meaningful impact. The highlight of the day comes when each team's hard work culminates in the donation of brand-new LEGO® sets to a children's charity, bringing joy and wonder to children in need.

To kick-start the event, teams will undertake a series of warm up challenges designed to inspire creativity, innovation & design. Each task will see teams earning the bricks they will ultimately use towards building their LEGO® masterpiece.

The themes of the designs are tailored to your key outcomes whether it be creativity, teamwork, corporate social responsibility or just for fun.

As the building time comes to a close, teams will proudly present their masterpieces to a panel of judges. The scores for each team will then be tallied and the winning team announced.

A heartfelt presentation from the charity will wrap up the event, thanking teams for their generosity and thoughtfulness. Each team (table) will contribute by donating a box of LEGO® onto the chosen charity.

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