Helping Hands

CSR Charity event

20 - 1000 pax

Australia wide

2 hours

CSR / Charity

Did you know there are 2000 landmine accidents a month or the equivalent of one every 20 minutes and 75% of those accidents result in the loss of a single limb?

Helping Hands is a unique opportunity where your team constructs prosthetic hands for landmine victims. These prosthetics help the victims to return to a somewhat normal life, allowing them to write, hold tools in order to earn income and ride their motorbikes again!

Your team will take part in activities designed to build connections and motivate them to go beyond through inspiring stories .

The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution whilst engaging in a purposeful activity.



How it works

All you need is a room with a set amount of tables and chairs. We will provide all equipment necessary to construct the prosthetics. 

At the end of the activity we reflect on the bigger picture behind this team building event and then the hands are shipped to our charity partner and distributed to landmine victims.