Toy Story

2 hours

CSR - Charity event

30 - 300+

Australia wide

CSR / Charity

Give the gift of giving to your team by hosting a Toy Story event. With themes of building, growth and heart evident, Toy Story is the perfect addition to your team Christmas party!

Allow your team to create lasting connections by competing in challenges to donate toys to children’s charities. The challenges themselves create trust, collaboration and improve outside the box thinking and communication skills. 

Beyond the Boardroom will organise everything for you! A representative from the children's charity will be present at the end of the event to collect the donations on behalf of the children whose lives you helped to make that little bit brighter. 

How it works

Teams will compete in a series of lateral thinking, problem-solving challenges to earn toys that will be placed in baskets to be donated to a children’s charity of choice. One toy is to be constructed by the team itself, reinforcing the notion of teamwork and collaboration. Example team building challenges challenges are:

Foil Towers – where teams construct the highest tower possible out of aluminium foil.

Nailed it – if you can think outside the box, you can balance 12 nails on just one nail head!

Eddy the Egg – teams construct a device to catch an egg that is dropped from two meters high.


  • 1 child’s wooden toy per team + several smaller toys
  • Arrangement of charity representative 
  • Transportation of toys post event
  • Challenges
  • Facilitators