Creative Team Building Activities

Fresh perspectives, design thinking and innovation are at the centre of creative team building activities. Creative team building games are not only for discovering who in the team has a creative flair.

People have often thought that creative team building only consists of classic art forms. Traditionally, creative events such as the Big Picture or Drumming can highlight how working as one-team, with all hands-on deck, can boost outcomes through productivity and connection.  

However, non-traditional creative activities like Shark Tank, provide the freedom for your team to think of new innovations. These innovations are ideated on behalf of the company, or for personal use depending on your company’s preferred outcomes. Lego Serious Play is also a fantastic way for teams to creatively share new ideas and concepts through storytelling.

There are many reasons to engage your team in a creative team building activity. Benefits like providing the time and freedom for design thinking, encouraging innovation in the workplace, forming a deeper understanding of how individuals in the team work to maximise productivity, building a rapport and most importantly to have fun while thinking outside the box!

Check out our creative team building activities below.

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