Create your own TV commercial

Half or Full Day

Creative film making

4 to 40 people

Australia Wide

On demand

4-8 hours

Film crew/s, artistic director, cameras, sound equipment etc, post event editing, filming, pre event planning

From $2500

Create your own commercial with Beyond the Boardroom

Looking for a creative task to get your team working together?

Beyond the Boardroom have a great activity that will get the creative juices flowing - Make your own commercial.

Your team will work together along with the Beyond the Boardroom team and produce a Commercial. 

The commercial might be for a training video for your organisation, a promotional video for a product or for a fictional product / activity that the group chooses.

It is a great way for your team to bond, and to create something that can be promoted throughout your organisation.  If your team has a few "expert actors" you may even have a great promotional video for your organisation in the future.

Check the videos here for examples of the final products created by teams around Australia.

How it works

The activity includes:

  • Coming up with a concept
  • Story boarding
  • Planning the shoot
  • Acting
  • Choosing music
  • And more
  • Our editor then puts the final product together over the following week

We have a professional filmer/editor on board that will film the team in action, film your team acting, and then go away and edit the footage to create a short commercial for your organisation.

The team will also be involved and take various roles as actors, directors, camera people, sound techs and more.

We also have the option of bringing a team analysist along who can observe your team in action on a project and conduct an insightful self and team analysis at the end of the session as well as provide a detailed report and recommendations for your team after the event.

Please contact us for more information!