Create your own commercial with Beyond the Boardroom

Looking for a creative task to get your team working together?

Beyond the Boardroom have a great activity that will get the creative juices flowing - Make your own commercial.

Your team will work together along with the Beyond the Boardroom team and produce a Commercial. 

The commercial might be for a training video for your organisation, a promotional video for a product or for a fictional product / activity that the group chooses.

It is a great way for your team to bond, and to create something that can be promoted throughout your organisation.  If your team has a few "expert actors" you may even have a great promotional video for your organisation in the future.

Check the videos here for examples of the final products created by teams around Australia.

Located at:



Half or Full Day


Creative film making

No. of participants:

4 to 40 people


Australia Wide


On demand


4-8 hours


Film crew/s, artistic director, cameras, sound equipment etc, post event editing, filming, pre event planning


From $1800