Drumming Workshops

Creative Musical Event

25 - 300+

Australia Wide

45 - 90 minutes

Get your team working in rhythm with this energetic drumming workshop that focuses on the power of working together as ONE TEAM! Drumming is the ultimate test of team cohesion with all members required to work together as one.

Our Drumming Workshop is usually conducted in 45-60 minutes and starts with a brief introduction on the instruments and technique on how to correctly hit the drums. From here your team is lead on a musical journey filled with laughs, teamwork and lots of noise!

The session will see the group learning different beats that contribute to the other all team rhythm. You will be amazed at how good the team is by the end of the session!

Your delegates will get to try different instruments and work with different team-mates on new rhythms. The drumming workshop includes our expert facilitator/s, African drums, percussion instruments and instruction.

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How it works

Get your team together for a fun activity. The team is divided into smaller teams, and each learn a rhythm.  As we move through the group the different rhythms are introduced until we have the whole team playing a song together.

Throughout the activity there is great drumming instruction, fun team bonding and great musical skills learnt.

This is a perfect icebreaker or break out activity whilst on conference.