Flash Mob - Creative team building

Half Day plus



Australia wide

On demand

As requested

Choreography, permits as required, music license, facilitators, filming of actual flashmob

Put your team out in the open for some brand awareness and fun!

Imagine getting the team together, learning a choreography with a dance instructor and practising until you are ready to perform in public.

Have your company t-shirts on under your jackets, the team meet at a specific time and location in a busy city place pretending not to know each other and then the music comes on...... it is time for action.

As you perform, our camera team catch the action in real time and you then have a funny promotional video and a memory for ever!

Great for all teams that want a real unique experience.

How it works

The group will need about 4 hours to learn a choreography with an expert dance instructor.

After practise and more practise, the team will head to a specified location in disguise, ready for the flash mob.

Once the flash mob is completed, our camera team will edit up a video and this will be provided a short time later.