Indoor Team Building Activities

If you want something quick in set-up and execution, then our indoor team building events are perfect for your next conference or corporate dinner party!

Break down the barriers that exist between individuals with our Icebreakers indoor team building event. Perfect for bringing multiple teams together from different offices in one central location to bond and diffuse tension. Our Minute to Win It, Team Masterpiece and Aqueduct activities can also break down barriers and enhance collaboration, working as one team.

If you’re looking to have pure fun with your team at your next conference, then we have indoor team building activities for you! Our Battle of the Minds, Team Challenge and Escape (NSW only) are quick to set up and deliver making them the perfect addition to your event. Your team will love that you have provided them the opportunity to create hilarious memories with each other while challenging them in unique ways.

Our night-time indoor team building events are perfect for spicing up your corporate dinner night. Choose from our Night at the Races event, where teams compete by placing bets to raise the most money for their team. We also feature a Game Show Trivia Night where teams compete in short challenges and a series of trivia questions with topics from music entertainment to geography and general knowledge. These activities will fill those awkward spaces between entrée, main and dessert.

We also have indoor team building events usually held after a team day or dinner. Our Murder Mystery Night is like a giant game of Clue. Your team will need to figure out who the killer is amongst them. Or our Casino Royale event where teams aim to acquire the most amount of money for their team by playing all the right cards on the poker table. There is also roulette, craps, race of the aces and blackjack.

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