6 Thinking Hats

3.5 hrs


20 - 100 pax

Australia Wide

Accredited facilitators


This insightful, practical, and powerful workshop is designed to help teams collaborate effectively and build innovative solutions to their issues. With Six Hats you will unpack challenges using problem solving tools and understand the power of parallel thinking. Using a structured thinking approach, you and your team will break down the issue, using one thinking hat at a time. Making new decisions after analysing all perspectives (or hats). This is a powerful session – tried and tested by 1000’s of corporate teams.

Often the employees are those closest to the problem. They can add the most value to the discussion, but they often stay quiet in a larger group due to fear. That is why it is important to address these concerns and listen to their innovative solutions by using the 6 Hats Workshop method.

Pair this workshop with our Amazing Race event to get the most out of your conference agenda. After the productive but serious workshop it is important to finish your conference with a bang! This team-building event is sure to get your team collaborating and engaging in problem solving challenges that will be discussed in the office for weeks to come. 

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How it works

The 6 Hats workshop aims to introduce the benefits of the 6 hats thinking styles and using parallel thinking to evaluate important decisions from a number of different perspectives

                     - To understand the full complexity of a decision and how to spot the issues

                       and opportunities that may not otherwise be identified

                     - How to make higher quality decisions and reduce conflict

                     - How to involve more people in the decision making process

                     - How to create dynamic results driven meetings that people want to be

                       involved in



"Great host. Great hats! It was fun and useful to our team." - Ferguson Plarre

"Thank you again for your time and effort. You invested in creating and delivering a great session. It was very worthwhile exercise that has added value to our team already" - National Rail Safety 

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