Ice Breakers

Team Work & Strategic Thinking

10 - 1000+

Anywhere in Australia

On demand

45 - 60 Minutes


Does hearing the word ‘icebreakers’ make your team groan? Turn that frown upside down with team building challenges and get to knows’ that are so fun they make you forget that you’re  breaking the ice!

Ice Breakers will have your delegates collaborating and making lasting connections. This event is perfect for placing at the beginning of a conference or before the main event to set the atmosphere for the day.

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How it works

A tailored collection of interactive games is selected for your team. Some team building activities can be played as individuals and other tasks require multiple teams to compete against one another in friendly competition. 

Human Bingo

Forget numbers, for this game delegates will have to introduce themselves to multiple people and find one person in the room for each bingo tile. For example, a bingo tile description could be ‘Find someone who has three or more pets’. Beyond the Boardroom can personally tailor the descriptions to your team!

Balloon Mascots

Each team must produce a creative reflection of the whole team using balloons. Meaning, they must find something in common with one another. On the surface it may look like there are more differences however the fun is learning how to make connections between each person in your team.

Eddy the Egg

Teams construct a device that is to catch an egg from two meters high without breaking it. Delegates must bring there own ideas to the team and work together to create the best solution.

Foil towers

Collaboration is a must in this team building activity. The goal is to construct the highest tower possible using only aluminium foil. Foil Towers fosters friendly competition and emphasises strategic thinking.