Team Challenge

45 - 90 Minutes

Fast paced activities

10 - 500+

Australia Wide


Are you looking for a unique way to inject some fun into your agenda? Does your team get a little distracted on long conferences? Why not re-energise them with a Team Challenge!

With Team Challenge your delegates will love the entertaining team building activities provided. From ice breaking challenges to lateral thinking, everyone will be thankful for the well-earned fun.

How it works

Team Challenge is a competitive indoor team building event where you earn points in a series of lateral thinking challenges. In groups of approximately 8 – the team with the highest points at the end of the challenge wins!

Games include:

Foil Towers – where teams construct the highest tower possible out of aluminium foil.

Nailed it – if you can think outside the box, you can balance 12 nails on just one nail head!

Eddy the Egg – teams construct a device to catch an egg that is dropped from two meters high.

Balloon Mascots – design a mascot using only balloons to represent the team.

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