Large Company Team Building Activities

A few years ago, we would have scoffed at the thought of hosting large team building activities with over 500 people in attendance. However, companies are now gearing up to launch into the new year by hosting large company team building activities. Beyond the Boardroom can facilitate events for any sized companies, with facilitators on the ground at all capital cities.

Our large group team building activities are available year-round. All of our events can be facilitated for large groups. We will be able to host a variety of events for your large team. Our Survivor is the perfect event for large group team building. We only need a large space such as on oval, park or field to host you in! Company team building activities, like survivor, will allow your team to compete head-to-head in a serious of lateral thinking, problem solving challenges. With up to 10 people in a team and up to 10 teams competing at one time at each and every activity site, you can see how quickly we can expand this team building activity to suit your large team.

We have facilitated team building activities for over 600+ participants and we can do many more! Simply enquire today so we can make your large company team building activity the perfect fit for your group.

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