Outdoor Team Building Activities

Taking your team out of their normal work environment helps to diminish the barriers that exist between individuals in your team. In our experience, events that are outdoor provide better results when inspiring, engaging, and motivating your team.

We have a wide range of outdoor team building activities suited to any team. Our Amazing Race, Ransom & AppVenture events are our scavenger hunt-based team building activities. Challenge activity sites are strategically placed around your chosen area. Teams will race to each site completing challenges that inspire them to work efficiently as a team and think outside the box.

Our Survivor and Mini Olympics are our set-site challenges where teams compete head-to-head. This style of event aims to fuel friendly competition and empower your team to outlast, outwit and outplay each other.

All of our outdoor team building activities were designed to fit the corporate brief. Meaning that if someone has a bad knee, a bad back or is 6 months pregnant they can participate in most of the activities. If not they may be able to physically participate but observe, participate and contribute to their team regardless.

Our outdoor team building activities are available throughout capital cities in Australia. We host outdoor team building events in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Cairns, and Darwin. If you are not located in a capital city don’t worry! We also host events in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Wollongong, Canberra, Alice Springs, the Gold Coast and many other stunning locations across Australia.

If you have a small team of 6 – 30 participants we recommend enquiring about our AppVenture Race! This event is similar to our Amazing Race however it is an app-based challenge that will have your team competing in challenges that are uploaded to the app for point allocation.

Check out our outdoor team building events below.

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