APPVENTURE Race - Urban Explorer

1.5 - 2 hours

Scavenger hunt

6 - 500+

Australia Wide

Choose between a Live Event Facilitator or a Virtual Facilitator.


The APPVENTURE Race - Urban Explorer is an exciting contemporary take on a scavenger hunt style competition that allows teams to complete challenges in your chosen area. This app-based challenge incorporates strategic thinking and innovative solutions to get your team thinking outside the box!

Take your team on an epic head-to-head adventure around the streets, sights and iconic locations of your chosen area with our new app-based exploration activity!

How it works

Using your smartphone, players will visit different locations to unlock GPS hotspots containing a series of team tasks and challenges. Tasks will require creative and strategic thinking whilst encouraging players to explore and discover the surrounding area.

See what other teams are up to as you go - photos taken during the activity will be shared live to the ‘photo wall’ within our app, allowing teams to inspire and entertain the rest of the group as they go!

Finish up the challenge at your workplace, park, or favourite local pub for some well-deserved refreshments. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge are crowned the winners.