2 - 3 Hours

Scavenger hunt

30 - 1000+

Capital Cities - Australia Wide


Your boss has been taken hostage! Its up to you and your team to take on challenges, solve the clues and rescue them from their captor.

Ransom is a fun work challenge where delegates solve clues and race against the clock to save the Boss! Divided into teams your group will work together to collect the ransom money.

This is an outdoor event sending teams to various sites around the local area with all teams converging on the final location with their ransom money. Who will be the first to save the boss?

How it works

Each team will be issued a map and cryptic clues to challenge activation sites hidden in and amongst the chosen local area. Awaiting the groups at each challenge location are team based activities that require problem solving, communication, teamwork and ingenuity to complete.

We can also tailor this event to your group! For example if your boss would prefer not to be kidnapped, the company logo or classified information may be taken in their place. 


  • 1 – 3 hours
  • A Beyond the Boardroom host 
  • A backup indoor/wet weather program
  • All race facilitation and equipment including maps and coloured bandanas for your team
  • Gold medallions for the winning team

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